Wedding Gown and Bridesmaid Alterations

Your first fitting should be at least two months before your wedding, allowing 2-3 weeks between each fitting, for a total of 6-8 weeks for most alterations.  We typically schedule 3 alterations appointments:


  • a fitting for pinning and measuring

  • a fitting after initial alterations are applied

  • and lastly, you may need additional fittings, depending on the complexity of the alterations. 


It's essential to bring your shoes and the same best fitting undergarments to each of your fittings, the same ones you plan to wear on your special day.  Foundation garments can make a difference of up to 2 inches in the hemline or waist and they also may show if the dress will be too revealing in any area.

Bridesmaid and flower girl dresses should schedule an alterations appointment at least 2-3 weeks before the wedding.









Q:  When should I bring in my dress for alterations?

A:  We like to have 6 to 8 weeks for the full alterations process, which generally includes 2 to 3 fittings. Plan to start earlier if your availability is limited. If your wedding is sooner than our normal time frame, we may still be able to accommodate you – give us a call to check availability and discuss any rush fees.


Q:  When should I call to schedule my appointment?

A:  Plan to call us to schedule your appointment at least a month in advance of when you would like to have your appointment for best availability, or two to three months in advance if your wedding is during our very busy summer months.  If you have a summer wedding and are only available evenings and weekends, you may want to consider scheduling your appointments earlier in the year.


Q:  What should I bring with me to my appointments?

A:  You will need to bring the shoes you plan to wear with the dress (the actual shoes you will wear on your day-- so we may accurately mark your hem), as well as any undergarments. We can provide bra cups to be sewn in for brides with a bust size of A cup or B cup. Larger cup sizes may require you to purchase a long line bustier style strapless bra for proper support, depending on your body and the construction of your dress.


Q:  How much will alterations cost?

A:  It is impossible for us to accurately quote pricing via email or phone. The best thing to do if pricing is a concern is to call and schedule a quote appointment which is where we look at your dress to determine what needs to be done, and estimate the costs before alterations begin.


Q:  The bridal shop where I bought my dress said you could do X (add sleeves, sew in a bra, make a dress that is much too small fit me, etc)…

A:  Sometimes we can, sometimes we can’t. Bridal shop employees are generally not experts in gown alterations or construction, and although they usually have the best of intentions, they may not have given you accurate information about what’s possible. You are always welcome to call or email us to ask about the possibilities for your dress before purchase.  Substantial style or sizing changes will push your alterations ticket higher than average.


Q:  Do you sell veils, headpieces, jewelry, bolero jackets, etc?

A:  Yes. We have a beautiful selection of statement jewelry and both trendy and classic headpieces. Designer and custom veils are available to try on at your fitting appointments. We can also custom design bolero jackets, cap sleeves, straps and sashes (custom work generally requires more appointments).


Q:  Can you alter or restyle a vintage dress?

A: Yes we can, although it’s best to start with a dress that is close to fitting and with a style that is similar to what you have in mind for the end result. Vintage restyling usually costs $500 or more.


Q: Can you custom design a wedding gown for me?

A:  Yes we can. Prices for custom gowns are generally higher than what you would pay for a bridal gown in an average bridal shop, as they require a complex process to create. Custom gowns include all fittings (5 to 7+ appointments), a muslin fitting, fabric and construction. Most gowns start at about $3500 and can reach up in to the many thousands of dollars.  Call or email to get the conversation started!


Q:  Do you alter clothing besides wedding gowns?

A:  Yes we alter all kinds of clothing, as well as curtains and draperies.



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