NOTE: Current lead time is 4 MONTHS. Plan accordingly. It takes 1-3 MONTHS to make a custom dress.


If you feel that your perfect dress isn't available off the rack, we can help! Start by scheduling an initial consultation appointment with Daniela. The luxury of having your Custom-made wedding or a beautiful formal gown designed, creates the freedom to have what you really want.

Having custom-made dresses (bespoke dresses) created with couture techniques and quality fabric, not to mention handmade finishing for your garments/outfits, make you look unique and create a one-of-a-kind expression of who you are.

The estimate for custom work is based on cost of materials and how many hours of labor is put in.

Our design process/labor includes:
                                   design drafting /  sketching

                                   fabric sourcing 
                                   pattern making,
                                   the sewing process itself.

Basic bespoke dress/garment/jacket projects normally take a minimum of 10 hours. It can vary widely depending on fabric selection, style, and details. An estimate of the full cost will be provided upfront and should be agreed upon before any work begins. Bridal gown can take over 80 hours to make. Special occasion, formal dress – some over 40 hours.

Here at Daniela Vlad Design Studio, we listen to our clients feedback and always focus our minds on creating a solution to help our customers to find the perfect dress and within their budget.

The custom dress design and making process takes from 1 to 3 months and prices start at $75 up to $150 for a simple dress.


Bring inspirational photos, a Pinterest board, sketches, fabric swatches, or accessories to help spark collaborative thoughts and ideas. Consider what elements have inspired you to embark on the custom journey. Your input on design, fabrics and other details guides us to the final dress.  We then translate your vision into a sketch designed just for you.

At your fitting appointments we will be fitting a muslin or “toile” version of your gown to your body.  You may have a few appointments in the muslin to get it fitted just right before the gown is assembled in your chosen fabric.  This phase lets you see the silhouette and how the design works on your body, and we will make all final decisions regarding fabric, details and ornamentation.  Throughout your 4-7 fittings, you’ll see more and more of your gown and vision coming to life!

While it may take only three or four months to make your custom gown, available appointments vary seasonally.  We recommend securing your place as early as possible.


Schedule your appointments in advance. Wait time is over 4 months.



Do you love a shirt, but wish it had a different color collar, cuffs, buttons? 

Are you having hard time finding the right fit? 

Need a specific color or a style ?


We can customize shirts or make them from scratch to order.



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